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Managed Print Services help manage a company’s document output. Accessing the customer’s environment provides expertise in the repair or replacement of hardware, service, and the parts and supplies needed to operate properly.

Managed Print Services examines printing and its processes from a broad perspective to acknowledge any existing challenges and improve them. Our approach to every business is different, whether a large or small business.

Through Managed Print Services we create a mutually-beneficial business relationship with our customers in an ever-continuing approach to achieve necessary optimization. On average we help our customers achieve a 10 to 30% reduction in their print costs.


Managed Print Services We Offer in Greenville & Greenwood


Unmanaged printers can be one of the largest expenses in a company; some estimates say as much as 1-3% of a company’s revenue could be spent on document output.

Most of these unmanaged printers are low-cost inkjet and laser printers purchased at any local office supply store for under $100. The problem with this is that once the initial cartridges are empty, the cost to replace those cartridges costs more than the printer itself. These printers commonly break down and rarely have a warranty long enough to cover the cost of the parts.


CC&M provides industry-leading office equipment and all-in-one printers for lease or sale from top brands including Canon, Kyocera, and Epson. Our all-in-one devices include the capabilities of a printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine in one piece of equipment. When a complete solution is combined with the right software, these smart devices improve workflow efficiencies that provide reduced expense and less waste.

CC&M’s Business technologists will help you choose the right copier or all-inclusive printer for your business and we can provide the financial tool to make it a reality.


Scanning management solution is based on its return on investment. Most organizations still archive their documents in paper format. As paper continues to be used less and less, the need for simple and easy-to-use document management systems will grow. CC&M is ahead of the curve with document management technology and we are ready to answer the questions you have.

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Our county has been working with CC&M for the past decade and there has never been any issues with their managed services, network, firewall, and desktop administration. CC&M is detailed and is keen to meet all of the county’s expectations and requirements.

Finance Director

Last year, we called on CC&M to install security cameras, chromebooks, Bell laptops, network switches, and WIFI access points. Not only did they do so with the utmost professionalism, but they also acted within the initially agreed-upon timeliness.

School Principal

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