Who We Are

Delivering Advanced Technology Solutions For 30 Years

In 1992, Computer Consultants & Merchants was founded to bring technology services and equipment to businesses in the Orlando, Florida area. CC&M streamlined the way companies do business, and the Company became successful for its expertise and service. Providing consulting, business acumen, and of course maintenance services that have always included parts and labor for clients.

Computer Consultants has evolved to meet the changing needs of businesses, providing clients with exemplary technology consultation, integration and services that are still at the core of everything we do.

Thirty years later CC&M is still doing what it does best, serving its clients with advanced technology solutions and stellar service!


Meet the CC&M Team

Rocky Dunkman

Darla Dunkman

Joseph Rivera

Emily Guyer
Office Manager

Clay Dunkman
Network Engineer

Connor Dunkman
Network Engineer

John Gary
Sales Director

Denise Stone
Technical Sales Associate

Earl Reagin
Technical Sales Associate

Trent Field
Sr Customer Engineer

David Epps
Customer Engineer

Kaley Newgent
Field Coordinator

Natalie Laughlin
Purchasing Manager

Jeremy Penton
Sr Customer Engineer

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